Welcome aboard to Dean Kraft and his ’66 Fury!

Dean Kraft, 1966 Plymouth Sport Fury
Dean Kraft, 1966 Plymouth Sport Fury

 Please seek out and welcome new member Dean Kraft and his 1966 Plymouth Fury!

Remember to register on our website in order to easily order T-Shirts. You can also contact Mark Eckels, email: (mserunner@aol.com, Phone: (843) 814-2911,) to arrange an order. Official club shirts are for members only, so your account must be upgraded to premium membership to order online.

Premium membership on our website is free with your club membership. Premium Memberships are applied by a moderator after it is received and your membership is verified.

If you have not received your LMC decals yet, please bare with us as we are waiting on a new order to arrive! You should receive 2 free with your membership. 

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