Trophies everywhere and NO DANG PHOTOGRAPHER!

Great time last night at the AACA Open Auto Show, with our favorite club president Gary winning best in show with his always sweet 1969 Camaro. Our favorite club VP, Alan, was snapping at his heels, bringing home first in class with his mean-yet-dapper tuxedo black '68 Camaro.  Yet another first in class trophy winner, our own Brad ('79 Z/28) Jones. (Man, I love that car!). Vern rolled out his Blue '69 Camaro to roll back out with yet another club member trophy. What a night for the LMC Camaros! But WAIT! Roger Leland brought out his C3 Corvette and secured his own taste of gold in the Corvette class!

We need to bring back Cosell to cover all this action! Congratulations guys!
(Now, who'd I miss?)

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