Pro-Street Monster


1972 Chevy C10
Article and photos by Larry Crain
Original truck photos by Teddy Mueller

Lowcountry Muscle Car (LMC) member Teddy Mueller of Summerville, South Carolina owns a Pro Street 1972 Chevrolet C10 truck that could be the four-wheel version of the “Hulk”. An apt description would be big feet “tires”, green as any mean ass monster should be and nothing but a sheer terror if you make the mistake of messing with it on the street.

Teddy has owned this truck since 2002 but back then it was just a mild mannered primered C10 with a 307 engine, a Turbo 350 transmission and a rear end with 3:73 gears. Teddy was in the Air Force at the time he bought the truck, and he left it as-is until he was discharged. But as soon as he got home, the truck started getting some changes with the first one being a motor swap to a 350 four bolt and an early Cuda green paint job with blue flames. Terry drove the wheels off the truck during this stage of its life, but in 2011 he inherited a 468 cubic inch big block Chevy motor. His brother-in law had owned a 1979 Camaro drag car that was also street driven a few times before he lost a battle with cancer, and Teddy’s sister knew the perfect place for her late husband’s motor to reside. This is when the old Chevy truck started a radical transformation into the Pro Street Monster it is today.

Teddy called on his best friend and his oldest daughter’s Godfather, Carl Still, to take on this monster of a project. The build took a year and a half of hard work by Carl to turn the truck into what you see in these photos; a very serious Pro Street machine that just gets in your face with nothing but attitude.