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Event Contacts:

Someone with event planning should be contacting you shortly regarding your application.  If no one contacts you within the 24 hours of your submission, please contact us!

General Marketing & Sponsor Information:
Dennis Warren, LMC President
Phone: 843-259-2749

Additional Information:

Standard Sponsor: This does NOT include any tables, chairs or tents provided by the organizers for the day of the event. All participants must supply these. No guarantee of space; pavement or grassed area, but please note any special requests above and we will try to accommodate. This applies to all participants: Vendors selling product and/or Service, Sponsors or Automobiles registered within the show.

T-Shirt Sponsor: Send an e-mail with subject “T-SHIRT SPONSOR” with a print-quality graphic of your company log to one of the e-mail addresses listed at the end of this application. Alternately, include a high quality graphic suitable for scanning when you submit your application.

Trophy Sponsor: Trophy classes will ultimately be determined based on pre-registration responses. If at least 5 vehicles are registered in a class, we will do our best to support that class with awards. If you wish to sponsor a particular class, please indicate which class. Class sponsorship will be on a first-come-first-serve basis. LMC reserves the right to assign a class as needed. If LMC is not able to honor you request you will be notified.

Vendors: 10' x 10' space.  Chairs, tables, and/or tent not provided; all participants must provide these items.  Vendor areas will be on pavement and no driving of stakes or anything of that nature to secure tents allowed.  There is no guarantee of specific spaces, but please be sure to cite any special requirements in your application.


Event Information:

Date: May 28, 2016
Set Up Time: 7 am to 9 am
Load Out Time: after 3 pm and all display/club vehicles have vacated
Event Duration: 9am to 3pm
Location: Sam’s Club, 4900 Centre Pointe Dr., North Charleston, SC 29418
Please Note: Power may not be provided and is not guaranteed. Plan accordingly

Someone should contact you as we get close to show date to coordinate day-of-show logistics.

Our Policy:

All Sponsor Applications are reviewed by the committee and approved at the discretion of the Committee. It is the policy of this organization to provide equal opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual preference, age, or disability.


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