2014 Breakfast Cruise-in & Photoshoot

 The Boys...Our first member’€™s only event for this year was on Saturday, March 1st.  We had a Cruise-In Breakfast at Golden Coral in Tanger, and then we cruised to Mel’s Filling Station on Dorchester Road for our annual FREE Photo Shoot!

 Mel’s Filling Station is a treasure trove of automobile memorabilia and miscellaneous collectibles. It includes old fashioned cash registers and a complete country post office with original mail boxes, and a working jukebox that plays songs like Check Berry’s “My Dingaling”.

Check out the photos!


Slide Show

* If you don’t see your photo, we apologize!  Please let us know and we’ll make sure we get it up here.  We took TONs of images – many pictures per car.  There were just too many to put up here and so we tried to put one of each.  If we missed yours, we please let us know.   You will find ALL of the pictures taken up on our 2014 Breakfast Cruise-in and Photo-shoot album on Facebook page.


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