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We cannot do it without your help! What a better way to give back to the community, have great fellowship with like-minded car lovers, and have some fun all at the same time!


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  • Please Note:

    Your service is strictly voluntary and you will not be paid for your time or services.

    Your responsibilities in supporting this event will include the activities you selected to the maximum extent possible. Some teams/functional areas require more help than others. Therefore your responsibilities may include a variety of tasks including but not limited to: registration, ticketing, monitoring and assisting attendees, exhibitors and automobile owners,, and directing automobiles.

    Please acknowledge the following statement with your submission below:

    "As a volunteer, I assume the risk and responsibility for all claims, legal actions and costs resulting from injuries to myself or others as well as property damage, which is/are caused by my negligence or my intentional acts. I further release Lowcountry Muscle Car (LMC) Club, Sam's Club, the City of North Charleston, their employees, directors, and owners, as well as show participants and other volunteers from any liability relating to claims arising from the above."

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