Don’t put her away yet!

Ronald Hart cruises in his 1956 Chevy at Charlotte Motor Speedway.


What a great year so far! Our club has really grown, and with that, a lot of new cars and new challenges! Stay tuned as we rev up for our club officer elections. Yeah, yeah. I know, like we haven't had enough of that topic! Well, please read on, because I have something to say, and I will speak nicely from my soap box.

Our club officers have done a lot of hard work forming this club. All the good times, great shows, friendships, and memories are owed in large part to those folks that work behind the scenes. They take the compliments and praise with humility, always giving the credit back to us members. They take no pay, no glory, just the opportunity to meet and spend time with new friends like you. They take complaints, concerns, and recommendations with open minds and empathy, understanding that there are folks that like to do different things than they like. Yes, they spend countless hours planning and executing great events, even when it is a burden, and we do not hear them complain. Ok, I do, but that's because I'm such a great listener. (yeah yeah, Alan, I'm a smarta**)

What you may not know is that these folks have been doing this for YEARS, and they are ready to step aside and let some new blood step up. Let's do them the kindness of coming forward from the back of the crowd and offering to help. On December 1st, We will be electing a new President, Vice President, and Treasurer. PLEASE, if you can help, do so! Nobody will be left with overwhelming burdens, we are a club and are here to help each other. The biggest concern for the officers is that it could turn out that nobody will step up and take these roles. I don't want to think of what that could mean for the club.

Also, we need to identify some talented folks to assist in other areas, such as an Event Chairperson (keep up with upcoming events, shows, etc), a Membership Chairperson (keeps track of the members list and makes sure new members are welcomed), and we need assistant photographers to help Bundle Bill when he can't make it to events. (Just bring your cell phone if nothing else, that's what I do! lol), oh, and assistant webmaster! (If you have wordpress experience, let me know!)

A good club doesn't just happen, it takes volunteers. So please keep watching, check here, check our Facebook page, and watch your e-mail. More to come...



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