2013 End-of-Year Banquet / Elections

Our 2013 picnic on 8 December this year was indoors at Kelley’s BBQ.   Waiting until December is always a roll of the dice as the winter season approaches.   It was a wonderful opportunity to get together with the LMC members and their family, have some great fellowship, great food, and a fun time before we all put our rides in the garage for the winter. There was some business to attend to while we were there.  Our yearly picnic / banquet is where we elect new club offers for the next calendar year.  Bo Harrell, our outgoing president couldn’t be coaxed into doing it one more year 🙁  We had a great year under Bo’s leadership!  Our 1st Summerville Dream Machines Open Auto Show and the Miracle Cruise-in Show at Sam’s club were awesome successes due to his leadership and support provided by the planning members. Meet our Officers for 2014:

  • President – Shane Graves
  • Vice President – Chris Skidmore
  • Secretary – Joyce Brogdon
  • Treasurer – Alan Hunt
  • Webmaster(s) – Russel Huggins
  • Photographer/Historian Bill Hamilton, Jr.
  • Charity Liaisons- Robin Graves, Rhonda Harrell


Photos from our 2013 Banquet:  

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