2015 Heritage Cruise

February 21, 2015

It turned out to be a wonderful day for a cruise! Thanks to good weather, awesome planning, and a great bunch of folks, the 2015 Lowcountry Heritage cruise was a huge success! The cold snap broke just in time and it was a beautiful day in the high 50s.

We started out the day by meeting up at the Mt. Pleasant Cars & Coffee around 10am. As folks arrived in their rides and intermingled with the regular Cars & Coffee crowd we immediately realized, “this is probably not a good place to meet up – how are we going to find everyone going on the cruise???” We needed a bull horn and Shane’s car flag poll to round everyone up in a different spot. Somehow, it all worked out, word got around that we were organizing in the adjacent lot and it just happened. We actually launched right at 10:30!

Thanks to everyone who worked so hard in making this a success!

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