2014 Darlington Raceway – Speed & Feed Car Show


9 NOV 2014: We had an awesome time this year. We left on a very brisk morning at around 7:15am from behind IHOP in Summerville.

2014 LMC crew at Darlington
2014 LMC crew at Darlington

About 15 or so LMC members began the cruise to Darlington and picked up more folks along the way from other lowcountry car clubs. All you could eat BBQ sampling for $5, lots of beautiful cars, and oh yeah we got to run some laps around the track! Let’s just say LMC made an impression :).


We got pulled over on the track for speeding…go figure. Its a race track for crying out loud! Single file is no fun. I don’t know if the adrenaline rush came from going so fast or going so fast and seeing blue flashing lights coming up behind me. I will say Bo’s 67 Camaro is strong. I could see him coming up behind me and I could not hold him off.   My “GoPro” was a “NoGo”  – dead battery it would seem.   That seems to always happen at the worst time.

Check out our photo album of our cruise to Darlington on Facebook.

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