What’s Happening!

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LMC hosts a lot of events and we participate in many events and activities as a group. We are such a large and diverse club that we can actually "split up" and attend multiple events. Basically all it takes for something to be considered an LMC Event is (a) it is an event we want to participate in and attend as a group, and (b) someone in the club is willing to step up and be the point of contact for that event!.

This week...

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If you'd like to look out a little farther, you can try  the Monthly Event List page which goes out for the next 30 days and includes other events around the Lowcountry in addition to LMC events.

And if you can't find it here...

Check out AUTOCLUBCALENDAR.COM!  or check out events posted on our FACEBOOK page. 

Great idea!Do you have any ideas for a cruise, cruise-in, car show, you would like to be a point of contact for an event, or would just like to get together for dinner and some laughs, tell us about it so we can get right on it! (click here).

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