Welcome aboard to Raymond Runion and his 1966 Ford Mustang!

Please seek out and give a warm LMC welcome to new member Raymond Runion from Summerville and his 1966 Ford Mustang!

Raymond Runion, 1966 Ford Mustang
Raymond Runion, 1966 Ford Mustang

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I've lived in Summerville since I was 4yr old. When I moved away from the home I grew up in it was right next door... literally. My home is 40 ft from that house. My parents still live there so visiting family is easy. We go to 3rd Thursday as much as possible. My Pops and I always stop by to look at the classic cars and trucks. Now I have one, I'd like to be a part of 3rd Thursday. As far as what I want to get out of my membership... new friends and knowledge. Where there are classic cars and trucks there are memories and knowledge to be shared and enjoyed.  That's what life is about remembering what made/makes you happy and enjoying those memories with friends and family.

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