LMC & SRU Cruise to McLeod Farms!

MacsPride25 July 2015 - Lowcountry Muscle Car Club (LMC) and Street Rods Unlimited (SRU) cruised from Summerville, SC to McLeod Farms in McBee, SC. We left Summerville Main Street Walmart parking lot (garden center side) at 10:00 am. Then cruised up Highway 52 and stopped for lunch at the School House Barbecue in Scranton, SC. (bring cash, they don't accept credit cards!). McLeod Farms is located about 15 miles past Darlington Dragstrip. They have an antique museum that is free to the public. It has about 20 cars, lots of antique tractors, and lots of other antiques. The store has fresh fruit, especially peaches this time of year, as well as ice cream and hot cobbler for anyone that might have room after eating barbecue.

Photo Album of the cruise.

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