LMC Members Cruise to the 3rd Annual Speed and Feed in Darlington

3rd Annual Speed & Feed BBQ and Car Show
Darlington Raceway
14 Nov 2015

lmc_logoLMC members cruised from Summerville to Darlington Raceway for the 3rd Annual Speed & Feed BBQ and Car Show! A little chilly at first, but otherwise it was a beautiful day! We had a wonderful cruise, awesome car show, entertainment, and BBQ tasting! And what we all were waiting for - we took a few laps around the track leaving the event in route to the Schoolhouse BBQ Restaurant in Scranton, SC.

LMC members take a couple laps around the track at Darlington Raceway as part of the 3rd Annual Speed & Feed BBQ and Car Show! No issues with the track security this year - we didn't get pulled over for speeding (they were distracted on the lookout for a black 1967 Camaro).

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