LMC celebrating “Corvettes” at Sonic! (Aug 1, 2015, 5:00pm- til)


Saturday Aug 1, 2015
Featuring Corvettes!

Sonic Drive-in
660 College Park Rd., Goose Creek, SC
5:00pm - until whenever

On the 1st Saturday of each month at the Sonic Drive-in at 660 College Park Rd in Goose Creek, it is "Feature" night where we will be featuring Mustangs, Camaros, Mopars, Pick up Trucks, Corvettes, or whatever. The front 13 spaces at the front of Sonic are marked off where the featured vehicles line up. It's first come first serve so get your rides there early!

Time: 5:00pm until whenever
Location: Sonic, 660 College Park Rd, Goose Creek, SC

Sonic "Feature Night" Schedule for 2015:

  • Feb 7th: "Mopar Night" (pictures)
  • Mar 7th: "Modern Muscle Night (1990 & Newer)"
  • Apr 4th: "Mustang Night"
  • May 2nd: "Truck Night"
  • Jun 6th: "GM Night"
  • Jul 4th: "Ford Night"
  • Aug 1st: "Corvette Night"
  • Sept 5th: "Chevelle Night"
  • Oct 3rd: ------------
  • Nov 7th: "Porsche Night"
  • Dec 5th: "AMC Night

Would you like to join LMC? At each event, we will have blank membership forms if you want to bring a new member or just grab a few and keep them in your car. This is just a casual Saturday night cruise-in to hang out and talk cars, but as usual, we will be open to talk club business, and ideas for future club activities and events.

See you there!

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