2016 Election Results!

LMC Presents the Officers-elect for the 2016 calendar year!

Our club holiday banquet traditionally held on the 1st weekend in December is a time we all get together and share fellowship, good food, and have some fun.  It is also the time we elect club officers for the coming year!

The officers-elect for the 2016 calendar year are as follows:

§ CLUB PRESIDENT:   Dennis Warren

The LMC president ensures that everyone works together to fulfill the mission of the organization. The president accomplishes this by leading meetings, planning the activities for the year and casting deciding votes when necessary


Dennis Warren
Dennis Warren


When the president is absent, the vice president assumes the president's duties. Additionally, the vice president serves as the chair of various committees throughout the year.

Jay Palen
Jay Palen


The secretary keeps all records and meeting minutes, and drafts all the club's correspondence. Additionally, the secretary takes attendance and maintains the group's contact list including dues status of members (with assistance of Treasurer).


§ TREASURER:  Carl Hunter

The treasurer handles all of the group's money. This includes cash, PayPal, and bank accounts and the maintaining of financial records. Additionally, the treasurer will assist the secretary with maintaining current dues status' of all members.

Carl & Barbara Hunter
Carl Hunter


The webmaster/Blogger will maintain the club's website and blog as well as other internet based social networking mediums (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)  Must be proficient with or able to quickly learn WordPress and Google Docs.


§ PHOTOGRAPHER:  Bill Hamilton

(assisted by most anyone with a camera!) The Photographer/Historian will serve as the primary photographer for club events, and will provide same to the webmaster and reporter for publication. Additionally, he/she will maintain a record of club history.

Bill Hamilton
Bill Hamilton

 § EVENT COORDINATOR:   Wesley Coleman

The event coordinator shall research and identify upcoming events that may interest club members, and provide same to the webmaster and reporter for publication. Additionally, the event coordinator shall identify event sponsors from within the club, and assist the VP with forming event committees for club hosted events.

Wes Coleman
Wes Coleman


The Charity Liaison will maintain open communications between LMC and local charities, including but not limited to Camp Good Times. The Charity Liaison will work directly with the VP and Event Coordinator(s) to ensure every opportunity for charity work is taken. 


We would like to recognize and express our thanks and appreciation to our outgoing officers Shane Graves (pres), Chris Skidmore (vp), Alan Hunt (tres), and Robin Graves (charity liaison) for there dedication and support over the last two years.  If it were not for them we would not be the club we are today!  Some of them have served other offices in the past as well.  It is challenging at times, but the rewards are great.  We have always had great leaders and great members who unselfishly volunteer their time, talent and resources for the various charitable causes the club supports.    People often don't like to get involved, but the rewards are great.  Volunteer today!

Check out the picture album from our 2015 Holiday Banquet on December 5th, 2015!

2015 Holiday Banquet
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